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There are several types of Whole Life Insurance which are designed to provide flexibility and options in the structuring of the insurance program.


This is the most popular type of whole life insurance and it offers a guaranteed level premium until the age of 95, 99 or 121. The level premium structure makes the policy ideally designed to provide affordable lifetime insurance coverage. Regardless of what happens in our ever-changing world, the premium will remain the same.


This type of policy also has a fixed level premium like a level premium whole life policy but the premium is only payable during a contractually determined period of time. The most popular plans are Life-Paid Up at age 65 and 20 Payment Life. The advantage of these policies is that they are guaranteed to be paid-up at the end of that chosen payment period. Thus, they allow valuable insurance coverage to continue for the insured’s entire life without any premium payment required at later ages and through retirement.


This type of policy starts out with a low initial premium which increases incrementally for a period of years. This type of policy is well suited for those who initially cannot yet afford the premiums of a traditional whole life policy but have a growing income and a desire to purchase valuable permanent coverage.


These policies can be highly technical, with industry jargon. Our videos are more basic in nature. Chat with us live or ask above:

  • Whole Life 121

A lower cost permanent insurance product with a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash value throughout the insured’s lifetime or age 121.

  • Whole Life 99

A permanent insurance product with a guaranteed death benefit and cash value paid up at age 99.

  • Whole Life 95

A limited payment plan policy where premiums are level and payable until age 95. The policy remains in force for the remainder of the insured’s life or until maturity or surrender.

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